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Use our know-how and our skills

Viewing real estate over its entire life cycle requires specialists and managers who understand how to develop, plan, realize and operate real estate intelligently. The optimal combination of competencies and leadership skills creates sustainable added value for all stakeholders.

We understand technical and logistic maintenance strategies, property development, property management, and optimization of real estate portfolios.

We know what is needed for the successful implementation of the above mentioned strategies, and know the specialists and managers who have the necessary skills in process and organizational design as well as in process control.

We see ourselves as value-creating ecosystem managers and are constantly maintaining and expanding our network in the areas of construction, management, marketing and acquisition, and facilities management.

Strategy & Research

Whether from a corporate or client perspective, the considerations of real estate strategy specialists are always based on considerations regarding the region (Where do I want to invest?), the specific planned utilization (office, residential, commercial, etc.) and the corresponding earnings opportunities and risks. In formulating a real estate strategy, they consider the corporate goals and check what consequences can be derived from them for the real estate portfolio.

Sound research, i.e. the systematic examination of the real estate market and the underlying conditions and factors which influence it, always plays a role in strategic decision-making. Regardless of whether company or customer-specific strategies or strategic implementation at portfolio and asset level are involved, we provide the specialists with the necessary expertise.


Specialists and managers in the field of real estate development are experts in evaluating suitable land plots or properties on behalf of building owners and in developing real estate projects, systematically and according to plan, from the initial project idea to full realization. In the process of spatial development of an object, they successfully reconcile the factors of land, capital and the project idea. Our network includes the experts with the necessary technical, business, legal and construction knowledge.


Construction and project managers must maintain a clear overview throughout the realization of a real estate project. They must monitor construction activities and project progress, coordinate diverse tasks, and be available as contact persons for construction companies and their employees, specialist planners, as well as other involved parties. We know which specialists and managers possess the necessary implementation orientation, excellent communication skills, and the required leadership qualities to always retain a comprehensive perspective, even in the most complex situations.

Property Management

Real estate managers are in effect the bridge between tenants and owners. They act as contact persons and interfaces and must maintain a win-win perspective for both parties. They are responsible for efficient property management, control renovation work, budget and monitor real estate expenditures and operating costs, as well as calculate rent. Our candidates bring the requisite analytical skills, business management and construction knowledge, and the required customer and service orientation.

Sales and Acquisition

Transaction managers and extension managers are responsible for all real estate and location transactions, define the purchase or sales strategy based on market and location research, and conduct negotiations. Whether it is a transaction for a third party or for the company itself, our specialists know the real estate market, have a sense for the optimal timing of a transaction, and bring excellent negotiating and analytical skills to the table to ensure that the overall vision and goal of the portfolio is kept in mind.


Real estate marketing spans the entire real estate life cycle, from planning and development to final sale. The focus varies depending on the company’s orientation. Regardless of whether they are marketing the company’s own portfolio or marketing for third parties, a detailed target group analysis is always required. On the basis of this analysis a target group-specific marketing strategy is then developed. Our specialists and managers are born with a marketing gene. They have an intuitive feeling for their target group and their needs and know how to present properties in a convincing manner.

All these competencies have one thing in common

Finding the right candidate is more than just matching professional skills, which is why we put equal importance on social skills and enthusiasm for real estate. The real estate industry thrives on its customers, which is why empathy, customer orientation and communication skills are required for all of these professional profiles. Additionally, the real estate sector is extremely complex, which is why suitable candidates need to have a broad knowledge base. We always deliver the perfect fit of professional and personal skills.